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PRESS RELEASE: The Morning Shift with KB and Vlad launches Monday, June 17

June 13, 2019—OTTAWA, ON. The Morning Shift, hosted by SHIFTER magazine's Kevin Bourne, also known as KBTHEBOSS, and Vladimir Jean-Gilles, will be launching Monday, June 17 at 6am. Billed as "your home for hip-hop and R&B in the morning", the show will air daily on CHUO 89.1FM from 6am to 8am. Unlike other morning radio shows in the capital region, The Morning Shift will feature local hip-hop and R&B alongside the mainstream and classic urban music listeners know and love.

The co-hosts believe the show is positioned to disrupt morning radio in the capital.

"A morning hip-hop radio show is something we've never seen before in Ottawa. We've seen it in cities like New York and L.A. but not here. We're going to be bringing a big city, urban vibe that reflects the new Ottawa - a modern, big city, that has a million people and a subway system. Put this show alongside those things and you have the new Ottawa", says co-host Kevin Bourne, also known as KBTHEBOSS.

For co-host Vladimir Jean-Gilles, the show also presents an opportunity to platform local artists in a way they've never been before.

"Years of preparation lead to this and I'm glad we're finally able to bring our vision for the city to fruition. Creative people in Ottawa finally have a daily radio platform that will support them", says Jean-Gilles.

The Morning Shift can be found daily at 6am at


For information contact:

Kevin Bourne


613-319-2481 / 1-866-343-5901

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