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Mindflip teams up with multi-platinum Montreal producer Soké on new single ”Mind Control"

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Gatineau, QC — February 11, 2022 will mark the official drop of Gatineau, Quebec rapper Mindflip’s new single, “Mind Control”. From old-school rap flows to a strong melodic hook, this new track takes listeners on a diverse aural journey through Mindflip’s rise to success.

“Mind Control” was recorded and produced by fellow Gatineau native and now Montreal-based Soké, a multi-platinum hip-hop/electronic producer who has churned out songs for international musicians like Dua Lipa, Sean Paul and Nicky Jam. Mindflip’s new single will be his seventeenth release since 2018 — the powerful vibrations that his songs produce speak for his ability to channel frequencies and manifest them into melodies.

Mindflip’s creative disposition stems from an ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome diagnosis he received at a young age. Despite being told keeping up with others would be difficult, he rose above the challenge by transfiguring his conditions into something beautiful and potent — music.

“Once my aura was in tune, I started to manifest. I started by producing, mixing and mastering on my own until I started making enough money with streams to work with professional engineers and producers,” said Mindflip.

Mindflip rose to popularity with his 2018 single "Everywhere We Go" which accumulated over 5.5 million streams on Spotify and struck gold again in 2021 with "Run My Shit", his biggest song to date, accumulating over eight million streams. His songs have been featured on Spotify’s Hip-Hop Central and Northern Bars playlists — two of the app’s biggest hitting playlists in Canada. With 217K monthly listeners on Spotify alone, over 11 million streams on the service last year, over 30 million streams total on all streaming services, and hip-hop producers beginning to take to YouTube to post their best "Mindflip type beats", this is a name you won’t want to forget in the up-and-coming Canadian rap scene. There’s no doubt that the eclectic, old-school rap vibrations this new single harnesses will have Mind Control topping the charts.

“He [Mindflip] has become a popular name so far due to his classic old-school style of rap, giving hope to the phrase real rap is still alive.” -The Source Magazine

For more information on this release, or to set up an interview with Mindflip, please contact Kevin Bourne at info@shifteragency. MINDFLIP - Instagram | Spotify | Apple Music Song preview link: EPK: MP3/Artwork/Press photo:

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