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5 Steps Our Clients Use To Create Consistent Income In Media & Entertainment...without sending out hundreds of cold emails!


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Tuesday: March 1

9:15PM EST

The simplest way to receive consistent income generating opportunities without having to spend hours on the computer only for your emails to end up in people’s junk inbox. 

The top 3 things our clients did to STOP wasting time on ineffective social media exposure, and the simple tweaks they made to begin resonating with their audience and start making money.  

How our clients build their personal brands, position themselves as top talents and thought leaders, and create consistent income generating opportunities in their industries. 

✔ The main method for making the exact connections needed within your industry to finally have your big break even if you are a closet introvert.  

✔ How to go from doing your craft or passion as a hobby to doing your heart’s work full-time and living with a sense of meaning and purpose.  

✔ How to get off the seemingly never ending hamster wheel of doing things "for exposure" and starting to make what you're actually worth.

✔ And how they do all of this while... living their dream, influencing thousands of people and having the satisfaction of spending their time doing what they know they were born to do.  

✔ Reserve your seat today and make sure you don't miss out on this exclusive training.

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Kevin Bourne, aka KB The Boss


My name is Kevin Bourne, also known as "KB The Boss". I'm a husband and father of three and the co-founder and CEO of SHIFTER Agency Inc., a PR, marketing and branding agency that works with talent, brands, and companies. I specialize in helping my talent clients in media and entertainment to get noticed and create consistent income in the industry so they can spend more time doing what they love. I have appeared on radio over 100 times as well as on major media platforms like CTV, CBC News Network, CBC Music, CBC Radio One, and Fox Soul in the United States. Doubling as editor-in-chief and columnist at SHIFTER magazine, I have also interviewed everyone from Kevin Hart to Fast and the Furious star Tyrese Gibson.

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