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Whether through content, brand or communications strategy, we get you noticed!

training + consulting

Today's consumers are discerning and know when they're being sold a bunch of BS. The name of the game is content, branding, and communications that look organic and exude authenticity.

Unfortunately, a lot of companies don't know how. It's especially difficult if you're looking to speak to the 18-35 demographic or marginalized groups like people of color. There are a lot of landmines and hot button issues in 2023 that make content, branding and communications strategy even more important.


For other companies, they've started, but their audience isn't growing or engaging with what they're putting out. As a result, a lot of companies and organizations are being left behind. They have a great product or cause, but don't know how to position their content, branding or communications to speak to them effectively. If this sounds like you, the good news is we can help.


SHIFTER's areas of expertise include:

Content Strategy







Diversity Marketing/

Ethnic Outreach

18-35 age group


Underground Station

Breathe new life into your

content, branding and communications.

Here are some of the companies and organizations we've worked with:

York u logo.png
Big Rig-Logo grey8 (1) copy.png
Brookstreet-Logo grey9 (1) copy.png
Calabogie-Logo grey7 (1) copy.png
KNBA-Logo grey7 (1) copy.png
National Gallery Logo4 (1) copy.png
Invest Ottawa6.png
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cbc grey2.png

York University Black outreach

SHIFTER Agency worked with York University on a Black outreach campaign during their enrollment season providing strategic advice and execution.

York u logo_edited.png
Yerro Gassama profile.jpg

Invest Ottawa Diversity Blog Series

Speaking to diverse audiences can be a hard balancing act. Whether it's for a specific occasion or your day-to-day communications, SHIFTER Agency can help you develop content that communicates effectively with people of colour. For example, we worked with Invest Ottawa on its Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month and National Indigenous History Month blog series in order to engage audiences of color. 

Your pathway to better content.

1. Book a free consultation


Let's chat for 30 minutes to see what's been working for you and what hasn't. We'll make it quick!

2. Do a discovery session


Now that we have an idea of what's not working, let's sit down so we can ask you more in-depth questions about your vision, target audience and more!

3. Create a strategy


From the discovery session we'll draft a content marketing strategy for your company.

4. Execute


This is the fun part. Now we create and execute so that you begin to reach a more youthful and diverse audience.

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