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PRESS RELEASE - Timal Garnier and Hevve set to perform at Studio Kampus launch in Montreal

Montreal, QC, December 10 - This Friday, December 13th, Ottawa-Gatineau artists Timal Garnier and Hevve are set to perform at the grand opening of Studio Kampus, Montreal's newest recording studio. Industry insiders and members of the Montreal music scene will be in attendance.

Other performers include KCLMNOP, Le Tranjj, OTMC (Dubmatique), and more.

The Studio Kampus show is the perfect way to end a busy year for Garnier who performed just over 20 shows in 2019.

Garnier says of this Friday's performance, "Je suis ravi de partager la scène avec mon frère, Hevve, à Montréal. C'est le moyen idéal pour terminer une grande année. Ce sera probablement mon plus grand show de l'année."

Hevve is equally excited about returning to Montreal.

"Ottawa and Toronto already know what Hevve's about. Now Montreal will get a chance to see what I can do on stage. It's the perfect way to end 2019 and head into the New Year."


For media inquiries contact:

Kevin Bourne


613-319-2481 / 1-866-343-5901

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