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Press Release: DJ Prosper back with Caribbean inspired arena anthem "Mental Motivation"

(OTTAWA, ON, May 7, 2020) - The NHL season is still on hold due to COVID-19, but Ottawa Senators DJ, DJ Prosper, is keeping busy dropping his latest single "Mental Motivation". Produced by Quest and featuring his go-to vocalist Doressa, the Summer anthem brings the sound of Haiti, DJ Prosper's ancestral homeland, to the mainstream with a sample from the Creole hit "Zouk La Sé Sèl Médikaman Nou Ni".

When asked about how the song came together, the former rapper and Ashanti hypeman noted, "'Mental Motivation' came together after sending an idea to Quest to produce a flip of the Kassav song. He sent me the production while I was in Australia, so the concept came together while strolling the streets of downtown Sydney about helping people snapping out of the heavy weight and trauma that causes people to give up and give them the same energy of motivation I give in my live shows in a song."

"Mental Motivation" is a follow up to "Pep Rally", also produced by Quest. Together the songs bring the arena anthem sounds DJ Prosper is known for to his growing fanbase.

"When I'm up there on the party deck at the Canadian Tire Centre I get to see what kinds of songs get the crowd going. With these last few singles, I tried to take that same energy and bring it to the music. I call them 'arena anthems' or 'arena music'. When I was in the studio with Quest I tried to imagine how the crowd would react at a game," DJ Prosper explained. "For some artists their music has to pass the car test or the club test. For me, my songs have to pass the arena test. Like back in the day when artists used to take their new songs to club DJ's to see how the crowd would react, I like to secretly preview my songs at a game. My songs have to be able to slap when they're played at a game. If the crowd responds I know I got some heat."

"Mental Motivation" is available on all streaming platforms.


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