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Now's the perfect time for a pivot or rebrand!

Our team at SHIFTER Agency recently created the branding for the first annual Capital Music Awards in Ottawa, Canada. Although we serve a variety of clients, from the non-profit sector and politics to companies with commercial products, our specialty is lifestyle and culture, so these awards were right up our alley.

As the economy has almost grinded to a halt, one thing we've noticed is that businesses and entrepreneurs aren't fully taking advantage of what this time has to offer.

This morning I heard from someone I reached out to eight months ago about personal branding and marketing services. The sentiment I heard from him, which I’ve heard before is, “Once this COVID-19 thing dies down I want to talk again about my personal branding and marketing”.

Due to this pandemic, people’s businesses are hurting and many people are considering their options, from pivoting into new industries to rebranding themselves or their company.

This slowdown is a blessing in disguise.

First, millions of people locally and around the world are currently glued to their devices looking for content to consume. Instagram Lives have never been more popular. This is the perfect time to market to these hungry consumers and get your business or brand in front of them.

Second, it provides entrepreneurs and companies with some time to consider their options and to strategize so they can hit the ground running when life returns to normal. If you wait until the COVID-19 outbreak has died down to determine what your next move will be, you’ll already be too late and will find yourself playing catch up.

Use this time wisely. Let’s jump on a call to see how we can help you with your pivot, marketing or rebrand TODAY.


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