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Press Release: Nathan Miles, Hevve and Kyazze join forces on new Summer trap anthem "Crash"

(OTTAWA, ON, May 22, 2020) - Just in time for summer, a couple of Ottawa's hardest working hip-hop artists have joined forces to drop a brand new banger for their city.

"Crash" is the latest single from hip-hop and trap artist Nathan Miles, featuring Dreamland artist Hevve and ffa's Kyazze. Produced by Toronto's Casket Jones and engineered by Ottawa area producer and engineer Quest, "Crash" is the ultimate "I wanna drive fast song", featuring crazy (and almost reckless) flows over a dark yet uptempo trap beat.

Luckily for fans, this unplanned 4REIGN, Dreamland, and ffa collaboration came together by chance.

“My manager Jay came in from Toronto and we pulled up to Dreamland for a session with Quest. Jay brought down some beats by Casket Jones so threw one on. I called up Kyazze and Quest is bringing Hevve. Five minutes after hearing the beat I was in the booth freestyling and humming melodies. I accidentally came up with the hook and everybody was like, ‘Keep that!’ The three of us wrote our verses on the spot around this energetic trap hook."

"Crash" is available on all major streaming platforms.

Click here for the radio version of "Crash".


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