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SHIFTER Agency now home to Ottawa's only Certified NationBuilder Expert

We have some good news! SHIFTER Agency is now home to Canada's 12th, and Ottawa's only, Certified NationBuilder Expert.

Read on to find out more about NationBuilder and our Certified NationBuilder Expert, Kevin Bourne.

So what is NationBuilder?

NationBuilder is an online political engagement and outreach tool that allows leaders (including politicians), non-profits, advocacy groups, and enterprises to engage with their followers and lead them from being social media followers, to event attendees, to volunteers, to donors.

NationBuilder allows you to identify the people who are engaging with you and move them along the spectrum of engagement through targeted social media and email communications.

NationBuilder's features include campaign website templates, petitions, fundraising tools, and third party apps that allow your followers to do things like email their elected officials.

Samples of previous NationBuilder campaign websites that we've created for our clients can be found at: (Canadian Association of University Teachers) (Canadian Council for Black Advancement)

U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron used NationBuilder to win their respective elections.

Who is Kevin Bourne?

Kevin Bourne is the co-founder of SHIFTER Agency and the only Certified NationBuilder Expert in the city of Ottawa (you may also know him as the editor of SHIFTER Magazine).

Kevin studied Political Science at York University in Toronto. He also has a Bilingual Certificate in Public Administration & Policy from York University.

Prior to co-founding SHIFTER Agency, Kevin worked on Parliament Hill as a Communications & Policy Advisor in the Senate of Canada and a Communications & Operations Assistant in the House of Commons. He also has years of experience working with non-profits and social service agencies.

Contact SHIFTER Agency for a free consultation at or

613-319-2481 (Toll Free: 1-866-343-5901).

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