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PRESS RELEASE: Ottawa Senators DJ, DJ Prosper, signs management deal with SHIFTER Agency

June 13, 2019—OTTAWA, ON. SHIFTER Agency is excited to announce the signing of Ottawa Senators DJ, Prosper Laguerre, also known as DJ Prosper, to a management deal. Under the terms of the agreement, SHIFTER Agency will support DJ Prosper through management, booking, brand partnerships and promotional services.

DJ Prosper recently completed his first season as the DJ and crowd motivator for the NHL team.

"As I continue in this journey I am excited to announce the signing of a new management deal with SHIFTER Agency. It’s time to elevate and shift the climate", Prosper says of the signing.

According to SHIFTER Agency CEO, Kevin Bourne, this is the next step in realizing our goal of being the top agency for talent, brands and organizations in the capital, and eventually Canada.

"We've known Prosper for many years and have always been a fan of his work. He's one of the hardest working talents in the game and along with his wife Melissa have made some tremendous strides in the last few years. We want to be the top agency working with talent, brands and organizations in the capital so the fact that a seasoned talent like Prosper has chosen to work with SHIFTER Agency in the next phase of his career is a big vote of confidence for us. It says we're doing something right".


For information contact:

Kevin Bourne


613-319-2481 / 1-866-343-5901

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