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After 14 year hiatus, BIGSTUFF returns with introspective new single "Never Enough"

When actor and comedian Tom Green appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast last November they eventually touched on his time as a rapper in the Ottawa-based hip-hop group Organized Rhyme.

As the two watched the Much Music Video Award-winning music video for “Check The O.R.”, Rogan wondered who the other member of the group was. Green responded,“Greg Campbell.” While Green made some local buzz during the pandemic when he announced he had moved back to Ottawa after over 20 years in Hollywood, some may have been left wondering what happened to the other half of the award winning group.

Well, the rapper formerly known as MC Pin is now a podcaster and partner/sales representative at Blue Panda Realty in Ottawa, but he never ventured too far away from his musical roots.

After moving to Vancouver in 1994, operating a studio and working with the likes of Ice-T, Nate Dogg, Kurupt, the underground female rap duo StinkMitt, and other acts through his Bigstuff Productions imprint, the artist now known as BIGSTUFF is back with his new track “Never Enough”. The single is his first solo release since 2007.

Featuring his wife and local Ottawa band “The Hornettes” vocalist, Anna Stamatova (performing as Anna Stova), “Never Enough” has a strong message about life, hitting rock bottom, and not giving up―a message that hits home for Campbell.

“This is my first solo release in almost 15 years; it’s me reintroducing myself to the world”, he explains.

“A lot of people got to know me as MC Pin from Organized Rhyme and a lot has changed since then. Obviously. I’m a father and husband. I’m an entrepreneur. This was me indirectly telling everyone about the ups and downs I’ve faced over the past 30 plus years and what I’ve learned along the way.”

The inspirational track opens with an equally inspirational and uplifting saxophone solo foreshadowing what’s to come. Produced by DEF STARZ and written by BIGSTUFF himself, the upbeat track fuses hip-hop, pop and dance elements with honest and introspective lyrics about “life, my thoughts, and people's perception of things all wrapped up in three minutes and six seconds. This is actually one of only a handful of songs I’ve written that were not produced by me.”

Now that the Canadian hip-hop legend has re-emerged on the music scene, fans can expect a steady flow of new material in the near future, including some potential new music with his old bandmate.

“Tom and I have always talked about making music together again. We always worked better together in-person so now that he’s back in the Ottawa area, I’m sure we’ll create some new OR tracks once the pandemic dies down. Until then, I’m going to keep dropping new music and working with some of the artists I’m excited about in the city. Stay tuned.”

“Never Enough” is available on all major streaming platforms.


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