Personal Branding Services



At SHIFTER we believe in the power of building a personal brand. Our clients have included media personalities, politicians and recording artists. Using online and offline strategies, as well as our proprietary personal branding process, we've helped to position our clients as leaders in their respective industries.

Why personal branding?

Personal branding isn't just about logos and facebook pages. It's about you learning how to tell your story and clearly communicate, capture and express who you are and what you do. What makes you different isn't only what you do, it's how and why you do it; it's your story and values. Your how and why is what your audience and clients will connect with.

This is where logos, photos and visuals come in. Once you have your product - your story, values and offer - you need great packaging. It's not enough to have a great product and poor packaging (or a poor product and great packaging). A great brand is born from the inside out. Once your story, image and offer are ready, you need to make sure you present them in a way that it aesthetically pleasing and reflects who you really are.

Who is this for?

These services are designed for artists, authors, entrepreneurs, executives and public speakers who are looking to build their public profile, both online and offline, pull together their image, story and expertise into a cohesive narrative, and differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

How we will help


Our personal branding clients will:

  • Go through SHIFTER's proprietary personal branding workbook

  • Identify your "5 Stories" to build your personal brand around

  • Develop a personal social media strategy, including writing a new social media bio and creating social media shareables

  • Develop a core purpose statement

  • Develop your personal elevator pitch

  • Identify your target audience

about Kevin


Kevin Bourne is the founder of PR and marketing firm SHIFTER Agency and online arts & culture magazine SHIFTER. Through SHIFTER Agency he manages a roster of recording artists, media personalities and DJs, and works with brands and organizations. 


After moving to Ottawa from Toronto to work on Parliament Hill, not knowing anyone, Kevin rebranded himself into Ottawa's leading commentator on arts and culture. Also known as "KB The Boss", he is the co-host of The Morning Shift on CHUO 89.1FM and appears regularly on CBC Radio and CTV, and has been published in the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Business Journal.

He was also recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition (OMIC).





SHIFTER Agency has been providing film critic Vladimir Jean-Gilles with personal branding services for the past three years. SHIFTER helped position Vlad as a leading film critic in the city of Ottawa. We also helped him secure a spot as a regular film commentator on CTV Morning Live and eventually CBC Radio. We ultimately helped him fulfill his dream when he became the permanent weekly film critic at CBC Radio.

HEVVE, Hip-hop artist

Since starting to work with Hevve in September 2018, SHIFTER has help to position Hevve as one of the top hip-hop artists coming out of Ottawa through targeted media appearances. In the first three weeks that we worked with him he had five interviews, including his first commercial radio interview (CBC Radio) and his first commercial TV interview (Radio-Canada). Immediately upon working with him he noticed an increase in his social media engagement. 

DENISE SIELE, Political candidate

SHIFTER Agency's personal branding work with federal nomination candidate Denise Siele included website design, photography, campaign video production and graphic design services, including social media images and standing banners, and developed key messaging videos throughout the campaign.

JIM BEAULNE, Entrepreneur/Financial Coach/Speaker


SHIFTER provided entrepreneur, financial coach and speaker Jim Beaulne with personal branding services overseeing a lifestyle photo shoot, the development of his personal website and facebook page, personal logo design and an overall brand treatment. 

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