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The four "I's" of Impact 

At SHIFTER we practice what we call the four I's of impact- Identity, Integrity, Influence, and Income. In our five years of telling stories and helping clients we have learned the ins and outs of cultural and social impact.

Know who you are and who you're not


Becoming an impactful organization or person starts with knowing you are and who you are not. Other agencies will encourage you to have a mission statement and vision statement. We encourage you to tie together your mission and vision and narrow it down to a core purpose statement that provides focus to your team, operations, creative assets, and campaigns.

Know, and work in line with, your values


Your work, whether it's your brand, campaigns or business structure, should be informed by your values. Burnout, poor internal culture, and other work related issues can sometimes be traced back to a lack of congruency between what we do and what we value. Once you know who you are and who you're not, it's important to then understand what you value and have those values permeate your work―this is what we call "structural integrity".

Know who you're serving and how to serve them


Once you know who you are it's time for influence. Contrary to popular belief, influence doesn't start with money and position; it's starts with service. Your capacity to serve people will determine your capacity to influence people.  You need to have a clear understanding of who exactly you're serving and how to serve them, meaning knowing what they want and need.

Know how to make money doing it


The final step to impact is Income. While money isn't necessarily needed in order to have an impact, it does make it a lot easier as well as sustainable over the long-term. 

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