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Create content that promotes inclusion and resonates with diverse audiences.


Content creation is the new marketing. Today's consumers are discerning and know when they're being sold to. Overly produced corporate videos have given way to organic and authentic content that build an engaged audience, community or fanbase.

The problem is that in a time when diversity and inclusion are increasingly important, a lot of companies, organizations and brands who want to get into the content game don't know how to speak to diverse audiences.


Simply put, there are a lot of landmines and hot button issues that makes content creation and social media even more difficult, especially when you're speaking to marginalized groups. 

If you're looking to communicate with or market to people of colour, especially in the covered 18-35 demographic, we can help. We're your diversity content experts.


SHIFTER's content solutions include:

Videos/Video series





Social media

video content

Social media

image design

Content/social media coaching

Marketing diversity 


Content is the new marketing.

Don't get left behind!

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Here are some of the companies we've created diversity content for:

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Sneaker Shopping at 


Kevin Bourne, aka KB The Boss, and hip-hop recording artist J Chinnasz visit the new 

New Balance store at CF Rideau Centre. SHIFTER also ran a New Balance gift card giveaway on a local radio station in the Ottawa market to promo the new store.

Invest Ottawa Diversity blog series

Speaking to diverse audiences can be a hard balancing act. Whether it's for a specific occasion or your day-to-day communications, SHIFTER Agency can help you develop content that communicates effectively with people of colour. For example, our team of writers worked with Invest Ottawa on its Black History Month, Asian Heritage Month and National Indigenous History Month series for their blog. 


York University Black content series

The Glendon campus of York University hired SHIFTER to undertake a content marketing campaign during their recruitment cycle to help market the school to black students. The project included a series of articles on our online magazine SHIFTER, one of Canada's leading Black media platforms, and a series of Reels on our Instagram account.

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TD Canada Trust Black History Month

In order to promote their brand and products to the Black community, TD ran a small campaign on our platform, including taking over the header and background ad spaces, running an article about Black organizations they support, and interviewing a Black executive. TD chose to work with SHIFTER because of our brand’s reputation with the Black community, including the 18-35 demographic.

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Your pathway to better content.

1. Book a free consultation


Let's chat for 30 minutes to see what's been working for you and what hasn't. We'll make it quick!

2. Do a discovery session


Now that we have an idea of what's not working, let's sit down so we can ask you more in-depth questions about your vision, target audience and more!

3. Create a strategy


From the discovery session we'll draft a content marketing strategy for your company.

4. Execute


This is the fun part. Now we create and execute so that you begin to reach a more youthful and diverse audience.

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