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With the help of digital tools like social media and the web, it's never been easier to build your brand and audience. Unfortunately, the world is full of creators, influencers and companies who have yet to leverage their offline success into success in the digital world. Why? Because they lack the necessary tools and skills. SHIFTER can help you to become a digital superstar through content marketing, as well as integrated social media and email campaigns that will connect you with your desired audience.


Social media strategy

Social media marketing

Email marketing

Content marketing

Website audits


Whether you're working online or offline, everything starts with your brand identity and knowing who you are. Anyone can design a nice logo, but only few can craft a brand strategy that clearly communicates who you are and what you stand for (but if you need a nice logo we can do that too).

Once we discover who you are, we will help you to communicate your brand and message through various mediums using marketing collateral, public relations, and other communications strategies.

Brand strategy

Marketing collateral

Public relations

Media training

Writing services

Event hosting

Event production

Here are some samples of our work

Client Stories

SHIFTER loved the vision of Ashes to Rubies as it is about sharing our stories to give hope. They guided me as we branded and identified who and what Ashes to Rubies is. They set up an Instagram account and a Shopify store as a source of revenue for our t-shirts. I had no idea any of these resources existed. Our Instagram page in the first month has well over 3000 followers. The SHIFTER team is the bomb!


-JON RUBY // founder, Ashes to Rubies

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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